The 4 main topics of the World Congress of Pharmacy

The 80th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), will be held in Seville from 13 to 17 September 2020 and was born under the slogan “The technological revolution: impact on pharmacy and healthcare”, aiming to highlight the role of the pharmacist in digital transformation of health systems.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) went one step further by defining the four main pillars on which its programme is being developed:

1. The Global Evolution of Pharmacy

First of all, FIP wants to highlight in Seville the great change that the pharmaceutical profession is undergoing worldwide, with the emphasis placed on how different countries are preparing themselves to favor this change for the benefit of the citizens. Therefore, aspects such as human resource needs, training or pharmaceutical regulation will be reviewed, both in developing and more advanced countries.

In addition, the cost of this change for all the actors involved, for the pharmacy, the pharmacists and also the results it is favoring will be assessed.

2. Pharmaceutical Innovation

The second topic will be innovation, both in the scientific and technological fields and in pharmaceutical services, assessing how these are being produced and will be applied in the different areas of pharmacy.

In the digital field, Spain is an example of innovation, as evidenced by SEVeM, CISMED or NodoFarma; but also in professional services.

3. Health throughout life

Health throughout life, from childhood to healthy ageing, is the third block of topics that will be addressed during the World Pharmacy Congress, with special emphasis on new technologies and their impact on quality of life. In this way, FIP wants to review the role of the pharmacist helping to lay the foundations for prevention from childhood in order to promote healthy ageing.

Pharmacy is the healthcare reference center, the nearest and most accessible one. From the very moment we are born Pharmacy is by our side, taking care of our nutrition and our skin, until we reach advanced ages and they care about us with challenges such as polymedication and chronicity.

4. The pharmaceutical profession and its scope

The fourth main pillar of the programme will devote special sessions to all fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences that will be represented in September in Seville.

In Spain, more than two thirds of pharmacists work in the 22,071 community pharmacies, but there are also many professional opportunities for pharmacists to work. Hospital Pharmacy, Primary Care, Clinical Analysis, Research and Teaching or the Pharmaceutical Industry and Distribution are some of the most representative.