In this section you can quickly solve the most frequently asked questions related to both the 22nd National Pharmaceutical Congress and some related to the 80th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

In case you do not find answers in this section, you can contact us via email cnf2022@redfarma.org o congress@fip.org and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

  • Restrictions

    • Are there any health restrictions applying in Spain which I should be aware of when attending the Congress?

      Currently, there are no COVID-19 safety requirements in Spain to attend events such as the FIP and CNF Congresses.

    • Do I have to travel with the certificate or document proving vaccination against COVID-19/diagnostic test/ recovery of COVID-19 to enter Spain?

      • If you are travelling to Spain by air or sea from within the European Union or a Schengen area country, you will not be required to present a Covid-19 certificate or the SpTH health control form. However, people travelling from non-EU countries to Spain should check information on safety restrictions at the Spanish Foreign Affairs website (please find this here) as they may be required to fulfill an online traveler form (SpTH form), which is available in the said website, before arrival.

    • Is it mandatory to wear a mask?

      In Spain, wearing a face mask is mandatory when travelling on public transport, in hospitals, in health and social care institutions and in community pharmacies. It is not mandatory for children under 6 years old or for those with disabilities that make their use unfeasible or respiratory conditions that may be aggravated by the use of a mask.

  • Registration

    • Can I make group registrations?

      Yes, the system is prepared to manage groups of more than 10 people, the link for group bookings is different from that for individuals and will also be available on the congress website. There are discounts available for group registrations, depending on the number of registrations available on the congress website.

    • Can I register for the congress and book my accommodation at the same time?

      Yes, you can book both services on the same form. You can also register and not booking accommodation, you will be asked to do so on the corresponding page.

    • How can I get an invoice for my registration?

      On the first page of the registration form, you should enter the data for the invoice. These details are mandatory for all registrations. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail automatically upon registration, usually within 24-48 hours. Please note that the invoice will be issued with the data you provide, please be sure to enter the data correctly. Invoicing twice will take more time and it is a slower process.

    • How can I pay for my registration?

      Payment by bank transfer: By means of this method you will be able to pay up to 7 days after registering and receiving the invoice.
      Payment by credit card: By means of this method you will be able to make the payment automatically at the moment of your registration. We inform you that this method is highly safe and reliable.

  • Accomodation

    • Who will be issuing my hotel bill?

      You will be making the reservation to Bco Congresos therefore the invoice and management is conducted by Bco Congresos. Reservation and cancellation conditions are those offered by Bco Congresos.

    • I need different nights of stay to those offered in the form. What should I do?

      Bco Congresos has contracted some limited places on dates and number of rooms, if you need to extend your stay before or after the congress, please request it by e-mail to the Congress Secretariat and we will manage it, please bear in mind that these are high occupancy dates so we cannot guarantee the extra nights until the hotel confirms it to us.

    • What is included in the official rates?

      The official rates published on this website are per night, standard room and including breakfast.
      The hotel reservation form will give you the total amount to pay for all the requested days.

    • Where do I go for modifications or cancellations during my stay?

      You should always contact Bco Congresos, CNF 2022 official agency, by e-mail cnf2022@bcocongresos.com
      The hotel will not be able to inform you on your reservation as it is made through Bco Congresos.

    • How do I book my accommodation for the congress?

      You can manage it in the same registration form or through the “Accommodation only” form.

  • Exhibition and sponsorships

    • How can I exhibit in the exhibition area?

      All manufacturers and companies related to the pharmaceutical sector can exhibit their products and services in the exhibition area of the congress. You can download the map of the exhibition area and contact the Technical Commercial Secretariat to check the availability of spaces. In order to reserve your stand you must send the completed Participation Request.

    • Are all stands 6 m2? Can I hire larger stands?

      Two or more modules of 6 m2 can be hired. The result will be a single stand with the corresponding meters. Hiring of two modules (12 m2) will be mandatory if the exhibitor wants to build his stand with his own design.

    • Can I build my own stand without using the modular structure?

      Manufacturers and companies participating with a stand bigger than 12 m2 may renounce the modular construction and opt for the construction of a design stand. In order do so, they must communicate the organizers in a written form before 31 July, withdrawing their application to a modular construction. The withdrawal will not imply, in any case, a reduction in the amount of the contracted space.

    • Can I contract sponsorship without being an exhibitor?

      Yes, it is not necessary to be an exhibitor to contract any sponsorship.

    • Can I only sponsor the National Pharmaceutical Congress?

      The National Pharmaceutical Congress is held in conjunction with the FIP World Pharmacy Congress. The elements of communication and sponsorship can be contracted individually for both congresses or jointly. For more information on contracting possibilities, please contact the Commercial Technical Secretariat.